These general conditions are made to rule the use of Taxi Purchase/Request by Internet/SMS services, or as renamed in the future, which is governed by these General Terms & Conditions.
Also, the user is being request to review the legal and technical informations included in each feature. The service provided by the Samarcanda is a package of features inherent Taxi’s Booking/Inquiry using the Internet as a communication tool. Samarcanda reserves the right to extend and/or modify the range of new functionality offered by the Service, if, within the specifications of any new feature, it is necessary supplement to these Terms and Conditions, or their adaptation, Samarcanda will notify these innovations in a timely manner. Samarcanda reserves the right to change the features of the functionality of the Service or delete part of it. It will be on user’s account any phone costs to connect to the Internet, to be paid to it’s telephone service supplier.

The contract is considered fulfilled when Samarcanda provides the service on the basis of on-line acceptance of the Terms and Conditions by the user. In case of change of the technical and regulatory conditions for the supply of the Service, Samarcanda will have full rights to conclude at any time the providing of the Service by a fifteen days notification, also to be notified by attached e-mail to this contract subscription.

The Access to the Service is enabled through a customer identification code (User ID) and a keyword (Password), both these items are considered as exclusive identifications for all features included in the Service. The customer is required to preserve the User ID and the Password with the highest diligence, keeping both of them private for the full subscription period. Therefore, the customer will be solely responsible for any damage caused by illegal use of the Password or the User ID by a third party. The customer agrees to communicate immediately to Samarcanda any theft, loss, lost or illegal assumption by a third party of the Password or User ID.

The customer warrants that any outcome or message entered in Samarcanda’s private area amenable to the contract subscription is of its sole ownership and in its own legal readiness and, in case of any kind of commitments failure, the customer will consider Samarcanda free of any responsibility and not liable for any damaging consequences. The customer also acknowledges that it is strictly forbidden to use or allow others to use the Service against the moral and public order or with the purpose of producing annoyance to the public or private peace, causing offense, direct or indirect damage to anyone and/or felt to violate the secrecy of private messages of the customer, by on-line acceptance of the contract governing the Service. The customer, right after the on-line acceptance of the contract governing the Service, may immediately use it. Furthermore, it is forbidden the resale to third parties of the Service. It is however explicitly prohibited to use the Service to contravene directly or indirectly, the current Italian or any other State’s laws. Samarcanda will have full rights to raise the automatic termination of the contract, pursuant to the following Art. no. 9, and suspend the Service whenever there is reasonable evidence of a breach of the customer’s obligations.

In case of any faults due to contact’s failure of the reservation/request of the taxi by the customer, the customer undertakes, by signing this contract, that if the driver would request it, the customer will pay in full the cost of the taxi rate, caused by a wrong address or any other situation attributable directly to a customer mistake.

With reference to the features that requires networking, the customer acknowledges and accepts the existence of the electronic register of the operation of the Service (the Log), recorded and kept as private by Samarcanda. The Log File is absolute confidential and it may only be exclusively shown on request to the Authorities. In order to identify with certainty the origin of the connection, the client acknowledges that Samarcanda identifies the users’ caller ID number as soon as he is connected to the network.

All communications relating to the contract will be sent directly to Samarcanda official e-mail addresses.


1. Buying an on-line, the customer will benefit of a discounted rate if: 
a) the ride does not require any track changes along the way;
b) the customer will not delay more than 6 minutes on requested time of meeting with the taxi or with respect to time notified by the Central (in case of call without reservation).

In both cases the driver will inform the customer that the final price will be equal to the difference between the price agreed and the amount showed on the display and it will be paid directly to the taxi driver.

2. The booking of taxi has to be made not later than 60 minutes before the execution of the Service. The reservation can be canceled up to one hour of the requested time. In case of a cancellation under 60 minutes, the value of the drive will be charged entirely.

3. The Taxi Company does not guarantee customer service delivery if there will be a customer delay higher than 15 minutes. Also in this case the value of the ride will be charged fully.

4. Samarcanda agrees to send a taxi at the appointed time except for force majeure cases, where as reasons of force majeure means overt traffic congestion, accidents, strikes, etc. that should not be attributed directly to Samarcanda.

5. Samarcanda, in case of unavailability of taxis, is committed however to ensure the Service by sending a taxi from an affiliated Company at the same economic conditions, informing the customer. In case of non acceptance by the customer and/or inability to find a taxi, Samarcanda will grant to customer a bonus equal to the value.

6. The above mentioned “coupon” is valid for 1 month from the date of issue and customer can use it at any time. Upon expiry of the six months, this will no longer be valid or refundable.