The very first italian network for calling a cab is born.

With AppTaxi, the free app for iOS and Android, you can call a cab in each major italian city. With the geo-tagging, the app will recognise automatically the radiocab company of the city you’re in.

AppTaxi is fast, reliable and easy to use. The app automatically finds the address you are calling a cab from with just a click. The automated engine will provide you with the nearest cab available.

If you want you can register you credit card and pay the taxi ride directly in app: choose a pin to autorizate your payment and when the pop-up with price will appare, confirm. That’s all.

You can always personalise your cab request (MPV, station wagon, sedan) or your paying modality, and much more. You can save an address in your favourites area if you are frequently calling a cab from the same location.

With AppTaxi you can even talk to an operator, at your disposal.

Download the 100% free Italian app. You can use it in more than 20 Italian cities (Rome, Milan, Bologna, Florence, Venice-Mestre, Rovigo, Padua,  Modena, Arezzo, Cagliari, Vicenza, Verona, Palermo, Catania).

With appTaxi you can earn Alitalia Airmiles, ItaloPiù train points and Payback points

Download it now!