Getting around Rome by public transport can sometimes be frustrating, since Roman public transport is often full and sometimes late.

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But how can you use the taxi safely and quickly?

Rome taxi numbers 

There is no single radio taxi in Italy, as the radio taxi service is managed by numerous taxi driver cooperatives throughout the country. Each city or area may have one or more radio taxi cooperatives that offer the service to their customers.

In Rome, you can call taxis in different ways:

  1. Telephone: you can easily call the number 065551, which is the central number of the Samarcanda taxi service in the city of Rome, also available in English.
  2. App: there are various apps for smartphones, but the most convenient app by far is Samarcanda Plus, also available in English, which allows you to call a taxi, pay for it conveniently via app, monitor its arrival or view the place where you’ll be reached comfortably, by the taxi itself, wherever you are, also making a request via WhatsApp and Telegram!
  3. At Taxi Stands: There are several taxi stands in the city, including those near train stations and airports.
  4. Street: it is possible to hail a taxi on the street, with the classic gesture known all over the world, but it is important to be careful to choose an official taxi (recognizable by the white colour, the taxi number 065551, an acronym which corresponds the name of a precious stone, the wording “TAXI” on the roof and the initials of the Municipality of Rome). They must also display the license near the plate and a plaque inside the car with the driver’s name and have an active taximeter.

It is important to remember that in Rome, as in many other Italian cities, the price of the taxi depends on the rate in force and the route taken, therefore it is advisable to inquire first about the rate in use and any additional rates (for example, for the transport of luggage or pets). Using the app allows you to monitor the maximum cost you could pay. No surprises!

Taxi Rome 

For sightseeing in Rome, the radio taxi is a good option for those looking for a comfortable and safe means of transport to move around the city, especially at night or when you are in less frequented places.

There are several advantages to using the radio taxi service. Here are some of the main ones:

– Convenience and safety: calling a radio taxi means having a professional driver who takes you to your destination in a comfortable and safe way. You don’t have to worry about parking or driving in congested traffic.

– Availability: Radio taxi services are available 24/7, so you can request a taxi at any time of the day or night.

– Advance booking: many radio taxi companies allow you to book the service in advance, so you can be sure of having a taxi available at the requested time to head towards the station, airports and port of Civitavecchia or extra-urban routes such as Ostia and Tivoli.

– Transparent rates: rates for radio taxi services are generally governed by local or national regulations, so rates are transparent and not subject to surprises.

– Customer assistance: radio taxi cooperatives often offer efficient customer service ready to help in case of problems or doubts.

– Possibility of paying in different ways: many radio taxis offer the possibility of paying by credit card, debit card or via app, making payment easier and faster.

Furthermore, using a radio taxi service can be particularly convenient in some situations, such as when you have to get to the airport or train station, when you are travelling with heavy luggage or when you want to avoid traffic in the city.

Rome taxi app 

To book a radio taxi in Rome, you can call the toll-free number of the cooperative that manages the service or use one of the many apps available, such as Samarcanda Plus, a convenient and quick way to use the transport service with all the security that Samarcanda guarantees.

The radio taxi in Rome is particularly useful for those who have to reach the airport, a route for which the Municipality of Rome has established a fixed rate, while the taximeter is always active for the railway stations.

Why use Samarcanda taxi service?

Samarcanda Radio Taxi won the “Travelers’ Choice” award in 2021 and 2022 by TripAdvisor.

This is a very positive result for the cooperative, which demonstrates the customers’ appreciation for the service offered.

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