Cookies are data stored on a user’s hard drive when browsing a website. Cookies are not applications, but small textual files that allow websites to store browsing information and make them available to other websites using the same tools. The vast majority of webistes use cookies, with the intent of enhancing the user experience when browsing a website. Cookies allow websites to offer personalised tools (remembering a visit, store products in a virtual basket while buying online, show relevant content within a website). There are different kinds of cookies: temporary cookies, also known as session cookies, that automatically delete themselves after a session, and permanent cookies, stored until they’re actually deleted or until their expiration date. Most of the web browers allow cookies automatically. However, each user can adjust this setting deactivating them from the web browser. It’s useful to know that by doing so, most of the website functionality might be lost.

Regarding cookies on this website, they’re limited to “strictly necessary cookies” because of their essential tasks.

Please visit European directive for further information.