An exclusive initiative of Samarcanda 065551 Samarcanda 065551 promotes an initiative for the well being  of customers moving to / from the “Leonardo da Vinci” Airport. For those who use the taxi to / from Fiumicino Airport  there have been set limits on spending more for which they will not be asked for further disbursement. Where the price of the taximeter shall not exceed this threshold, the customer will usually pay the taximeter amount of the transfer. On the contrary, in the event of excessive traffic or route chosen by the driver that would result in an increase of the fare, the customer will benefit from Samarcanda of a maximum containment of the taxi fare. The night service (from 10pm to 6.00 am) is included.

When Tariffa Amica is not applied:

  • Delay of the customer, up to six minutes, either on request or on call at the time*
  • Route foreseeing detours, stops or intermediate stages
  • Taxi ride with more than four passengers (MPV)

* from the 7th to the 15th minute of delay the amount of Tariffa Amica’s rate will be increased by only 5 €, from 16 minutes onwards, the customer must pay the total amount shown on the taximeter

You can use “Tariffa Amica” only if you request the cab by call, whatsapp, telegram, text message or Samarcanda Plus.

To get more information about, it is available the “Marketing Office” from Monday to Friday from 9am to 1pm and from 2pm to 6pm, calling at +390655211213 or via chat on this site. You can ask for information via e-mail at: or ask directly tthe driver in the taxi.

The amount may also be paid by credit card or debit card.

Please note that Samarcanda 065551 adheres to the prices agreed by the municipality of Rome for transfers from the “Mura Aureliane” up to Fiumicino Airport (and vice versa) with the price of 50€.