Quality Certification

Samarcanda was the first radiotaxi 065551 to obtain the quality certification ISO 9001-2008 . Each year, the Society is subject to our review of certification , verifying, the procedures followed by our operation centre and monitoring as well our customer satisfaction. All this allows us to always keep high quality standard offered to our customers as well as the ability to perform both corrective and preventative actions to make the level of our service always higher.

The organization of Samarcanda

The involvement of all human resources in the structure is a source of empowerment for the members and represents the added value to make the structure more efficient, in a joint effort to provide a service , that, frequent market surveys confirm , more and more appreciated by customers.

Unique in the taxi business to make a choice of the organizational model that takes into account specific needs :

– Elasticity in decision-making

– Prompt intervention

– Modular structure of human resources

The divisional model is the one that is able (more than the others) to satisfy the answers to those needs. Samarcanda 065551, therefore, is organically structured as follows:

Divisional organization chart Samarcanda 065551 also makes use of all the professional advice necessary to their business model.


Quality of the service:

In addition to periodic customer satisfaction , the expedients taken to provide our customers a better service at all the times, are:

  • Training programs ( linguistic, technical and turistical/cultural ) .
  • Fleet of cars with upper-medium segment , homogeneous and frequently renewed (maximum 5 years), the Committee for Internal Control Standards (cleanliness, efficiency , fixed equipment ).
  • All cars are equipped with: P.O.S. ( debit and credit cards) , WI- FI , radio taxi with G.P.S. satellite tracking system ( automatic detection of the nearest car ) .
  • Expedients to understand and accept suggestions and complaints : complaints office , non-stop operation center available, form in the the site itself, suggestions and complaints service in Samarcanda application, in the tablet available on board of each of our taxi
  • As a refinement of qualitative procedures adopted , Samarcanda (065551), obtained, since 2001 the Certification Quality “UNI EN ISO 9002 /94”


Optimizing operating costs

Starting from the effort of internal solidarity in the interests of shareholders in a difficult situation, a program of cost optimization has been developed. This, provides, through the complete managerial autonomy, such as follows:

– Computerization of the administrative structure

– Transparency Counts and administrative activities

– Periodic negotiations for the acquisition of brand cars

– Direct assumption of advertising contracts

– Activities to support journalism image (publishing, multimedia, external relations)

– Negotiated and programmed purchase of substitutes and propellants

– Allocation of vehicles for use in maintenance or replacement of damaged vehicles (forklifts)

– Insurance broker and collective policy negotiated annually

– Assistance and internal specific advice (tax / contribution)


Attention to the environment

Our attention to the environment

Samarcanda (065551) complies with the EEC Directive “20-20-20”

The (065551) was born in 1992 with the objective of upgrading the taxi service. This objective passed since the foundation, through a policy of responsibility towards the environment.

The focus of Samarcanda 065551 involved the reduction of CO2 emissions through a plan for periodic replacement of the fleet , resulting in lower emission of exhaust gases .

Today , Samarcanda 065551 decided to relaunch as enshrined in its constitution , joining a project for offsetting CO2 emissions into the environment. For this reason, it began a collaboration in 2009 with the Company co2Balance 20-20-20 adhering to the European community, with which, Companies commit by 2020 to reduce by 20 % the emission of carbon dioxide produced by its activity production. 

This initiative, as well as making us proud ( we are the first cab structure in Italy to have adhered to the directive, ahead of its time set by European legislation ) , makes us be in line with our target customers , always very demanding and careful to the quality service used and to the social responsibility of those who offer a service , including transport made by taxi.

” CarbonZero ” Campaign is therefore proposed by CO2 balance that Samarcanda 065551 invites you to follow. Calculation of “carbon footprint”. The counting of of carbon dioxide emissions has been defined by the technicians of CO2 balance in Italy, in 353 tons . Samarcanda (06/5551), to neutralize this tonnage , chose the afforestation project “Tinners Forest” which involves planting deciduous in soils with former agricultural use and grazing leased to Britain in the region of Cornwall near Roche. Samarcanda (065551) will invest funds to create 8,140 square meters of forest. 

Compensation of CO2 emissions

All projects co2 balance are additional , or are created by the voluntary funds invested by customers specifically to reduce in an efficient way, ethical and guaranteed CO2 emissions .

The trees of Tinner Forest are collected and replaced at the end of their life cycle; the timber harvest is reserved for use in the long term ; designers co2 balance ensure in this way that the fixed carbon in the wood is not freed.

Reduction of the CO2

The reduction of the CO2 comes first of compensation.

Samarcanda (065551) has been actively involved in vehicle maintenance to ensure efficient use of fossil fuels.

Taxi service of Samarcanda 065551 is the front line in the fight against climate change.

Photovoltaic system

In May 2012 Samarcanda (065551) changed its headquarters , moving from street to street Guido Miglioli 20 to Via della Magliana Nuova 302. A new structure with photovoltaic systems that feed the whole structure. A way to make the taxi service even more eco-friendly. Moreover, with the introduction of a number of hybrid taxis , Samarcanda (065551) enters more and more the perspective of sustainable mobility and renewable energies.

The social commitment of Samarcanda

Enshrined in the Statute of Samarcanda 065551 , our social commitment is addressed in the adoption of technical solutions to reduce the environmental impact , the adhesion of humanitarian initiatives and the promotion of socio-cultural events . 

Initiatives made by Samarcanda 065551 over the years:

– Solutions for the Environment ( compensation of CO2 emissions , periodical renewal of the car fleet , cyclic controls of cars , initiatives in favor of environmental groups )

– Sponsorship (in collaboration with Action Aid )

– Humanitarian initiatives ( initiatives in collaboration with MSF – “Medici senza Frontiere”, wells realized in Africa in partnership with AMREF , adherence to the “Banca del Sangue” , together with “AIL – “Associazione Italiana Lotta alle leucemie”, non-profit organization with “Associazione Peter Pan” and “Agire”.