Globix , is a digitized solution for the management of the costumer agreements’ taxi rides that have the necessity to resolve the problems related to the management of our paper vouchers.

There are two types of agreements:

Subscription: Samarcanda issues an invoice each month. The recap of the taxi rides realized by its employees can be consulted directly online at any time.

Prepaid: the company establishes a plafond for each employee. The vouchers generated and consumed will be deducted by the user’s plafond.



To the employees qualified by the administrators will be sufficient to use his/her own cellphone to call Samarcanda taxi at the 065551. Once the request has been confirmed they will receive a text message with two codes to communicate to the taxi driver at the start and at end of the ride. Once left the car, the employee will receive a text message of confirm with the amount of the cab fare and the taxi code. From the website will be possible to check, in real time, the cab fares.

In addition, it is expected a service for the guests. If you intend to offer a taxi ride to your customers it will be sufficient for you to create a “guest code” that will be possible to send from the website directly to the guest’s cellphone or to print and give to the guest. Once called the Samarcanda taxi will be enough to give the code and the customer will not be able to know the amount of the cab fare, meanwhile the company will be able to check it, in real time, at the end of the journey.

Not just Rome! To those who also travel to Milan the system works in the same way: it will be sufficient to call with your own cellphone the radiotaxi 02/8585 to use the globix system and find the taxi rides realized in Milan, all in one invoice.

This system is easy, fast and eco-friendly. With Globix you save the paper used for the vouchers and for the reports sent with the invoice because this information is available directly on the website and can be exported to excel files.

To those who travel beyond Rome and Milan is available the payment modality by paper coupons. Every carnet contains 25 tickets in double carbon paper copy with barcode, to avoid any tampering. These coupons will be accepted in the following cities: Bari, Bologna, Bolzano, Cagliari, Catania, Chieti, Florence, Genova, Modena, Naples, Padova, Palermo, Pisa, Prato, Ravenna, Taranto, Turin, Trieste, Venice and Verona.