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For Samarcanda, always oriented towards the needs of its customers, being on a platform like Trip Advisor, is a challenge that we do not fear to face.

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You can use Satispay with taxi of Samarcanda

Are you a Satispay customer? From today you can also pay the taxi with the innovative payment method.
At the end of the ride, all you have to do is scan the on-board qr code, enter the amount and confirm the payment.

Quick, simple and fast.The service obviously is free and is active on the entire Samarcanda fleet.

What aspects call 065551 immediately!

Alipay payment

You can pay Samarcanda taxi also with Alipay.

You can pay Samarcanda taxi also with Alipay.
Just request a taxi, you do not need to specify anything. At the end of the ride, scan the qr code and accept the payment. Easy, safe and fast.
We are the first taxi company and among the first European companies to accept this form of payment.
With Samarcanda, quality goes hand in hand with technological innovation.